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What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?​

This force-free training style focuses on creating a positive and symbiotic bond between people and their pets. It does not use fear or discipline, but rather speaks in  language that all dogs can understand; love and respect.

Positive Reinforcement training is rewards based. Whether your dog's favourite reward is positive attention or a tasty treat, he'll jump through hoops (literally!) to learn new tricks and better behaviours.

Meet The Trainer: Jodie Hawker

Jodie is a professional force-free trainer specializing in positive-reinforcement dog training, structured walks, organized socialization, and more. She is the puppy school trainer at the Georgian Triangle Humane, and head dog trainer at the Meaford Dog Training Academy in Canadian Pet Connection's Pet Health & Wellness Centre.


NEW: Virtual Online Training Now Available! 


Could your dog benefit from added stimulation and socialization in a group dog training class? Group classes are held a​t Georgian Triangle Humane Society in Collingwood & Canadian Pet Connection in Meaford.


Private Train​ing allows us to work exclusively with your dog in your home. We provide single sessions and packages, depending on your dog's needs. You receive dedicated coaching, feedback, and unlimited emails.


All dogs have different needs. We can help your dog get the stimulation and exercise they need in group walks or private walks. Plus, they'll benefit from advanced on leash training, to help them learn to behave better during walks.

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